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DELOCK RJ45 Repair Clip Starter Set

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DELOCK RJ45 Repair Clip Starter Set

It is a common problem with patch cords that the latch for locking in the RJ45 socketbreaks off.
With this clip from Delock you can easily and quickly repair the damaged network connector.
The repair clip is attached on the connector and replaces the missing latch.
Available in different colors, it can also be used for cable marking.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
- Assorted colors (2 of each: transparent, red, blue, black, green, purple, yellow, orange)
- With perforation to fit different plugs
- Dimensions (LxWxH): ca.17.2 x 14.0 x 14.0 mm

Συσκευασία: polybag

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